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Studio management software for modern studios.

Fully web-based

If you have an internet connection you can access your Pixifi account! No bulky software to download onto a desktop!

Be In Control

Be in control of your business! Send Invoices, keep track of payments, log expenses, mileage, and keep tabs on taxes.

HTML 5 = Every Device

Pixifi works on a laptop, tablet, phone, and any other device that has a current modern web browser!

Do more of what you love

Get digital contracts signed in minutes, book more clients, and get back to doing the things you actually want to do!

Go Mobile!

You shouldn't be tied to your computer like other studio management software! Go mobile and access your information on the Pixifi mobile version!

When it came to studio management Pixifi was the best decision we have made.We did our research, and Pixifi was always the winner. With its constantly evolving interface and amazing customer service, Pixifi not only simplified our business, it gave us our lives back. Pixifi keeps our invoices, contracts, and questionnaires all in one place and always safe. We have the ability to set up a client portal, send a contract, send a invoice and receive payments with one easy click. Our clients love the interface and know that all of our interactions are in one spot. Its a complete game changer and allows us to concentrate more on the things we love doing, and always know that our business is streamlined and ready to go.
Jason & Maggie Henriques of Jason & Maggie Photographers

Get contracts signed in minutes not days

You can easily create contracts and have your clients digitally sign them instantly! We make it easy for you so that you don't have to spend countless hours drafting contracts for all of your clients. No more mailing contracts!

Send Proposals and Pricing

You can send your clients proposals where they choose what package or items they want that you offer and then checkout shopping cart style to then sign a digital contract and book online, all without you needing to be there!

I'm relatively new to the business, so I'm going to be honest in saying I can't tell you that I have experienced crazy client management without Pixifi - but I will say that I don't want to know what that feels like. I can't imaging client management without it! I would go insane! Once you are all set up, Pixifi makes it so easy to keep track of who is who, give potential client quotes, contacts, invoices, and even just general communication. Even after the session or event, you can tell Pixifi to remind you of whatever it is you do... deliver album, write blog post..etc.! I'm sure there's even awesome things I haven't discovered yet. But right now I can tell you I'm not scared to get busy, because I won't get disorganized with Pixifi.
Nicole Amanda of Nicole Amanda

Workshops, Mini-sessions, and marathons

You can run your own workshops, mini-sessions, and boudoir marathons with ease using the Pixifi workshop module! Create coupon codes, or import codes from Groupon or Living Social. You can even use the workshops module for things like client wedding registries! Try it out and see for yourself!

Get paid instantly with our Invoicing system

With our fast, flexible, and powerful invoicing system, you can get paid in minutes rather than waiting days or weeks for checks to be mailed and to clear. With our ever-growing list of 3rd party credit card processors you have options to get paid FAST!

I started using Pixifi at the beginning of 2013 and it immediately replaced 3 other tools that I was using together to do the same things. I have been able to move all my client scheduling, contracts, invoicing, (and so much more) all into one great system. Pixifi has allowed me to clarify exactly who my best clients are and has made it very easy for me to focus on my target market. I have been able to eliminate a lot of wasted effort that I used to expend while chasing leads that were not ideal for my business while also streamlining my work process for my business. Pixifi has been one of the best investments I ever made for my business.
Sean Phillips of Riverwood Photography

And so much more!

There's SO many more things that Pixifi can do for you and your business! Questionnaires, Pricing Pages, Workflow templates, Mileage, Payments, Expenses, Referrals, a Client Portal, dynamic inquiry forms, and the list keeps going!

Pixifi also works great with other software!

We have integrations with many other web apps and vendors so your Pixifi account will work seamlessly with your existing software!

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I admit that for years I depended solely on a daily planner to keep me organized with my appointments and Excel to keep track of my finances. Since being introduced to Pixifi, you couldn't pay me to go back to my old ways. I can convert a lead into a client, create an invoice, and contract in a matter of minutes. My business is very dependent on being quick with my responses to potential clients and then providing professional looking invoices to my customers. I am paperless with the majority of my business thanks to Pixifi!
Darlene Hall of Harvest of Memories

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