So you want to know about Pixifi?

Pixifi was created how most great things are created, by necessity!
When Tim started his wedding photography business in 2007 he needed a way to track his leads and clients easily. With his background in web development, it made sense to just build a quick database management "app".
As he got more clients, he needed more features and quickly realized that with all of the effort put into his software, he should just make it a product!
In 2008 he launched Pixifi in beta to a few hundred photographers and received incredible feedback that helped shape Pixifi development over the years that followed.
Then finally in September of 2010, Pixifi launched to the public!
Pixifi has been the product of dreams, ideas, ton's of requests, feedback, and driven by photographers, designers, and more.

The Team


Tim Hussey

Owner/Lead Developer

Tim is the mastermind behind Pixifi! His passion for customer service and helping people save time has made Pixifi stand out among the many other studio management software options. When he's not coding and making people happy, you can find him hanging out with his wife and kids, at the movies (he's a crazy movie buff), or at his church working with the kids or singing with the worship team.
If you ever get the chance, ask him to balance a chair on his chin and he'll be happy to.


Lisa Otto

Product Rockstar/Customer Experience Director

Lisa is an incredible senior and wedding photographer based in the Tampa Bay area. Switching over to Pixifi in 2011, she quickly became the go-to girl for customer service. Heading up our Facebook group, she'll be the one to welcome you and mostly likely answer the questions you have.
She is also the one to hire if you need to get your account up and running quickly! You can find pricing and information here:


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