Take a tour of the MANY features pixifi has to help you run your business, stay organized, and free up your time.


With pixifi's web based lead tracking tools, you can manage all of your leads in one place! We have also developed a public API that will allow you to create your own Lead Forms, or feel free to use the already built forms and new ShowIt Lead Form plugin. You can even keep track of lead referral sources and then view charts to see trends in referrals.


Traditionally to manage clients you'd have to type them into a spreadsheet and manage them through there and only on your local machine. With pixifi you can manage all of your clients with ease! Search by name, email, and phone and see all events associated with each client. You can even categorize your clients and export them as bulk e-mail lists to use in MailChimp, MadMimi, Constant Contact and more!


Send digital proposals and have you clients do all of the booking work for you! They can choose from packages you create, add on à la carte items, and more! You can also use Proposals for in-person booking as well, and have them sign digitally and make their deposit payment right in front of you!


Tired of having to draft up contracts and mail them to your clients? You can easily create contracts and have your clients digitally sign them instantly! We make it easy for you so that you don't have to spend countless hours drafting contracts for all of your clients. And you also will save paper which helps make your studio GREEN! You can add as many recipients as you want to sign your contracts too!


You can now host and manage all of your workshops in one place! Complete with online registration, payments, QRCode ticket verification and check-in features and more! You can also use it for mini-sessions, boudoir marathons, even wedding registires!


Managing events is a SNAP with pixifi. Block off dates in the availability calendar for days your studio does not want any bookings. Each event has locations, timelines, questionnaires, tasks, invoices, contracts, photos, and more that can be associated with it. You can even sync your calendar with Google Calendar, and you can import your Pixifi events to any other calendar software.


Fully featured invoicing is baked right into pixifi. Create unlimited invoices for each event! Easily send invoices to your clients online or export PDFs. Every invoice is also customized complete with your own logo! Your clients won't know that pixifi is freeing up your time!


Our Money module is a robust financial machine! Track your payments, expenses, sales tax, P&L, and even track your mileage too! We have integrated with a whole bunch of 3rd party payment processors too! Click for a full list.

Client Portal

With the client portal your clients can be given a username and password to login to a custom portal built just for them! Simply setup a custom domain (e.x. mystudio.contactmystudio.com) and inside they can see their information, events, contracts, questionaires, invoices, and even make payments! it's so convienent and makes life easier for you as well!


Need more information about a couple or company before you do business with them? Do you find that just before an event you need to have more info? Build questionnaire templates in pixifi, or choose from the samples we provide and send them to your clients to fill out online. It's so easy!


Do you find yourself using tons of sticky notes stuck to your desk, computer monitor and refrigerator? Wish you could just have a system that notified you of tasks coming up and things still left to do? pixifi has everything you need to manage your tasks and event workflows! You can even track notes and more!

So Much More

There are SO many things Pixifi can help you automate and track that this page would be far too long! Why not sign up and give Pixifi a try free for 2 months!!!