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Online Booking System

The power and flexibility of our online booking system allows you to book appointments in seconds! Your clients can book 24/7 from anywhere. It works amazingly well for meetings, consultations, mini-sessions, boudoir marathons, and any appointment/timeslot based event! They choose the service, staff, and time slot that they want, you can even have them sign a contract and pay right there!

You can even integrate the booking system into your Google Calendar to control availability from there.

Appointment Scheduling

Book events anytime, and make money while you sleep

Hassle-free Online appointments

Your clients book online from any device in seconds! You can also offer add-ons, make them sign contracts, and even pay right away without having to hassle your clients.

Appointments can be done automatically or approved manually by you.

Staff Schedules and break times

You can setup when your staff are available, the hours they work, and when their breaks happen

The scheduler works hard at being as flexible as you are

Google Calendar Syncing

Not only can you set your availablity in Pixifi and schedule around it, you can also use your calendars in Google to determine your availablity as well

Soccer practice on Wednesday afternoon? No problem, Pixifi will schedule timeslots around it.


Digital Contracts signed in minutes not days.

You can easily create contracts and have your clients digitally sign them instantly! We make it easy for you so that you don't have to spend countless hours drafting contracts for all of your clients. You can bring your own templates or use the free contract templates we make available to you. No more mailing contracts! The best part is you can prompt your clients to make their retainer payment after signing. They sign and pay, and you make money while you sleep.

Save a tree, save time, and get paid right away


You're in control with Pixifi

Send Invoices, keep track of payments, log expenses, mileage,
and keep tabs on taxes. There's no surprises when it's tax time.

Manage your money like a BOSS

Purpose Built Tools

Our suite of tools helps you get more done in less time

Lead Pipeline

The lead pipeline makes it super easy to manage your potential jobs in a quick drag and drop that can fire off workflows and other automations.

You can set it up to auto-e-mail your leads, send them questionnaires and more.

Workflow Visualizer

The workflow visualizer is an incredible tool to help you see multiple events/project's workflows at once

You can see at a high level where you are in the process of each event

Event Timelines

Keep track of the timeline of the day for your events, you can even export and send them to all of your vendors.

Drag and drop to change the times too

Tools designed to make you Work Smarter, Automate Faster, Look Professional

Every day we continually optimize Pixifi to make you work smarter not harder.

Why do things manually when you can automate them with Pixifi workflows and more?

A dashboard on steroids

Your Custom Dashboard

Just drag and drop which widgets you want to use to maximize your dashboard experience

Most dashboards are chosen for you, and don't give you any options. Not with Pixifi! You can see whatever you want where you want it, so when you login, you get everything you need at a glance! We bring the best parts of Pixifi right to your front dashboard.

Pixifi works great with other software

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I'm relatively new to the business, so I'm going to be honest in saying I can't tell you that I have experienced crazy client management without Pixifi - but I will say that I don't want to know what that feels like. I can't imaging client management without it! I would go insane! Once you are all set up, Pixifi makes it so easy to keep track of who is who, give potential client quotes, contacts, invoices, and even just general communication. Even after the session or event, you can tell Pixifi to remind you of whatever it is you do... deliver album, write blog post..etc.! I'm sure there's even awesome things I haven't discovered yet. But right now I can tell you I'm not scared to get busy, because I won't get disorganized with Pixifi.

Nicole Amanda - Nicole Amanda

Pixifi has been a total business gamechanger for me. I started my business with a competitor, but I didn't find the level of customer service that I was looking for or some of the contract features I desperately wanted. Then I found Pixifi! The interface is user friendly, the features are excellent, the user group on Facebook is always there to help answer questions, and they're always listening to suggestions and improving the software to make our lives easier and our businesses more successful. You can't go wrong by choosing Pixifi and becoming part of one of the best families in the photography community.

Ashley Fisher - Ashley Fisher Photography

We couldn't be more happy with Pixifi! It has enabled us to be way more organized and saved us tons of time. The user interface is extremely easy, it looks great and the customer service and support is second to none! Definitely one of the best investments we've made for our business!

Robby & Lauren Holmes - Lowercase Imaging

Pixifi has been a vital part of my business since I signed up in 2011. The booking pages alone save me hours of hassle and data entry! As a creative who hates technical/left-brained tasks, I especially appreciate that Pixifi does almost all of that work for me, leaving my brain free to create. I could run my business successfully and happily with just my camera and Pixifi.

Emily Lapish - Emily Lapish Photography

Where do I begin? I started using Pixifi last spring, right before I was going to be taking on a massive project and needed to communicate with 30 clients at a time. If it weren't for Pixifi, I probably wouldn't have been able to pull off the project. I've been in the photography industry for a while now and have tried SEVERAL studio management systems and none of them can hold a candle to this incredible product. Everything about Pixifi is amazing and my studio had it's most profitable year in 2013 because of it. They really care about every single person who uses their product. Pixifi should be the new standard for ALL photography studios.

Tira J Young - Tira J Photography

I was previously using different Studio Management software before I switched to Pixifi. I have been using Pixifi since the very beginning. Pixifi simplifies my life; all my clients' information is in one place I can access it from anywhere! Pixifi also asks what you want to see in the software and they deliver! I love Pixifi!

Melisa Draper - Melisa Draper Photography

Pricing Plans for everyone

You can choose to pay monthly or buy multiple months in advance


$ 24 .99
per month
  • 1 Staff Member
  • 1 Brand
  • 1 Pricing Page
  • 1 Booking Page (with 2 services)
  • Everything else is Unlimited
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Studio Pro

$ 49 .99
per month
  • Unlimited Staff
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Unlimited Pricing Pages
  • Unlimited Booking Pages (with Unlimited services)
  • Everything else is Unlimited
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$ 34 .99
per month
  • 2 Staff Members
  • 5 Brands
  • 3 Pricing Pages
  • 2 Booking Pages (with 5 services)
  • Everything else is Unlimited
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